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About the Book

Even Faster Web Sites is a follow-up to my first book, High Performance Web Sites. Both books describe best practices for making web pages faster. If you're just starting off, read High Performance Web Sites first. It contains best practices that target gzip compression, caching, using a CDN, and more. Check out the full set of rules and examples on the HPWS companion site.

I wrote this follow-up book because the Web isn't standing still, waiting for us to catch up. Although the 14 rules from High Performance Web Sites still apply, the growth in web page content and Web 2.0 applications introduces a new set of performance challenges. Even Faster Web Sites provides the best practices needed by developers to make these next-generation web sites faster.

Good luck! Thanks for making the Web a faster place.

-Steve Souders


  1. Understanding Ajax Performance* by Doug Crockford
  2. Creating Responsive Web Applications* by Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer
  3. Splitting the Initial Payload
  4. Loading Scripts Without Blocking
  5. Coupling Asynchronous Scripts
  6. Positioning Inline Scripts
  7. Writing Efficient JavaScript* by Nicholas C. Zakas
  1. Scaling with Comet* by Dylan Schiemann
  2. Going Beyond Gzipping* by Tony Gentilcore
  3. Optimizing Images* by Stoyan Stefanov & Nicole Sullivan
  4. Sharding Dominant Domains
  5. Flushing the Document Early
  6. Using Iframes Sparingly
  7. Simplifying CSS Selectors
*guest chapter

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