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This page contains 180 images split across 30 hostnames. That works out to 6 images per hostname. I chose this number because IE8 has increased their number of connections per server from 2 to 6. You can determine the upperbound of open connections a browser supports by loading this page and counting the number of simultaneous requests in a packet sniffer. Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 will open a maximum of 24 connections (2 connections per hostname across 12 hostnames). It's throttled at 24 because of Firefox's network.http.max-connections setting.

In IE 6,7,8 I wasn't able to determine the upperbound. At 2 connections per server, IE 6&7 opened 60 connections in parallel. At 6 connections per server, IE8 opened 180 connections in parallel. | contact SteveGreyhound, the 2nd fastest land animalThis is the companion website for High Performance Web Sites by Steve Souders.