Docsource bookmarklet

Now you can easily see the document source for any web page, even in mobile browsers! This is important because the HTML served on mobile devices often differs from what you see on the desktop. Many websites serve HTML that's customized for mobile, and some mobile carriers transcode the HTML. The only way to detect this is to have access to the document source. But there's no way to see the document source in mobile browsers - until now!


DESKTOP: Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar or add it to your favorites:
  1. click this link: Docsource for Mobile
  2. bookmark this page
  3. edit the bookmark URL and remove everything up to and including the hash ("#") so that the bookmark URL starts with "javascript:"
(see an example of step-by-step instructions)

EVEN BETTER: Install the Mobile Perf bookmarklet to get access to this bookmarklet and more.

Launching the Docsource bookmarklet displays a popup with two choices:
Expand the docsource in the current page...
...or click "open in new window" for a bigger view.
Zoom in to see the raw HTML.