DESKTOP: Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar or add it to your favorites:
  1. click this link: Page Resources for Mobile
  2. bookmark this page
  3. edit the bookmark URL and remove everything up to and including the hash ("#") so that the bookmark URL starts with "javascript:"
(see an example of step-by-step instructions)

EVEN BETTER: Install the Mobile Perf bookmarklet to get access to this bookmarklet and more.

The Page Resources bookmarklet lists all the resources in the page - HTML documents, scripts, stylesheets, images, CSS background images, and Flash. It crawls the DOM to find each resource, and even crawls frames and iframes. Some resources that aren't in the DOM, such as image beacons, aren't found. Packet sniffers (such as Firebug Net Panel and HttpWatch) are more accurate but don't run on mobile devices. If you're doing mobile development the Page Resources bookmarklet is an easy way to get a pretty accurate list of what's in the page.
Try it out! click here to analyze this page.