Mobile State Machine Test Page

running the test:
  1. Turn off wifi!
  2. If possible, kill other processes running on your mobile device. (See tips for iPhone.)
  3. Select your carrier:
  4. Scroll every 30 seconds to keep the phone awake. Stay in one location.
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About this test:
Mobile carriers demote network connections to conserve battery power. But this has the potential to slow down web pages because it can take ~2 seconds to promote the network connection to full bandwidth. The demote/promote logic is described in the RRC protocal, but the specific state machine values can vary from carrier to carrier.

This test gathers information to determine how much inactivity causes network connections to be demoted. By running this test you'll be contributing (anonymously) to the growing list of results on Browserscope. By default Browserscope sorts results by browser. The state machine, however, is controlled by the radio tower, so we want to sort the results by carrier thusly. (Notice how AT&T has a ~1 second increase when the interval goes from 4 to 6 seconds.)

Filter carriers with less than 3 samples

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