Yahoo! Tech TalkHow fast are we going now?, Jan 15, Sunnyvale, slides
Move Tech TalkHigh Performance Web Sites, Feb 20, San Jose, slides
Paypal Tech TalkPerception of Speed, Feb 20, San Jose, slides
FluentPerception of Speed, Mar 12, San Francisco, slides, video
SAP Tech TalkHigh Performance Web Sites, April 24, SF, slides
SF/SV Web Perf MeetupWeb Components, April 29, SF, slides
Dropbox Tech TalkPerception of Speed, May 14, SF, slides
HTML5 Dev ConfWeb Components, May 22, SF, slides, video
VelocityJune 24-26, Santa Clara
DistillPerception of Speed, Aug 7, SF, slides
Velocity New YorkSep 15-17, NYC
SV Mobile Web Meetupdo u Webview?, Sep 30, SF, slides,
WebPerfDays AmsterdamOct 11, Amsterdam
Zendesk Tech TalkOct 27, SF, slides
Velocity EuropeNov 17-19, Barcelona
Pinterest Tech TalkDec 5, SF


First Round Capital WorkshopHigh Performance Web Sites, Jan 25, SF, slides, video
Visa Tech TalkHigh Performance Web Sites, Feb 21, Foster City, slides
One Kings Lane Tech TalkHigh Performance HTML5, Mar 1, SF, slides
Airbnb Tech TalkDive into Performance, Mar 13, SF, slides, video
Lightning Lab Tech TalkHigh Performance Web Sites, March 19, otw, slides
HTML5 Dev ConfHow fast are we going now?, April 1-2, SF, slides
Box Tech TalkDive into Mobile Performance, April 24, Los Altos, slides, video
Hamburg WebPerf MeetupHow fast are we going now?, May 28, Hamburg, slides
Keynote Systems CABHigh Performance Web Sites, June 3, SF, slides
Ignite VelocityThe Illusion of Speed, June 18, Santa Clara, slides, video
Velocity CAJune 18-20, Santa Clara
SF/SV Web Perf MeetupIllusion of Speed, Aug 21, Chegg, Santa Clara, slides, video
AccelSep 13, Palo Alto, slides
Blue StartupsOct 4, online, slides
KLMOct 9, Amsterdam, slides
Fronteers Jam SessionPerception of Speed, Oct 9, Amsterdam, slides, video
FronteersPrebrowsing, Oct 10-11, Amsterdam, slides, video
Velocity NYPrebrowsing, Oct 14-16, NYC, slides, video
Velocity EUNov 13-15, London
Lookout Tech TalkDec 12, SF, slides


SFJS meetupJavaScript Performance, Jan 12, SF, slides
Meet4SpeedJan 19 7pm, MTV
Israel WebPerf MeetupHigh Performance Mobile, Jan 31, video conf, slides
Google Ventures workshopHigh Performance Web Sites, Feb 9, MTV, slides
Intuit tech talkHigh Performance Web Sites, May 4, Menlo Park, slides
NEXT BerlinHigh Performance Mobile, May 8-9, Berlin, slides
Berlin Web Perf MeetupMay 8, Berlin
Dutch WPO MeetupWeb Performance Optimization, May 9, Amsterdam, slides
FluentYour script just killed my site, May 29-31, SF, SPOF, snippets, video
QCon NYHigh Performance Mobile, June 18-20, NY, slides
Etsy Code as CraftYour script just killed my site, June 19, Brooklyn, slides
NY Web Perf GroupWeb Performance Optimization, June 20, NYC, slides
VelocityJune 25-27, Santa Clara
WebPerfDaysJune 28, MTV
Google I/OHigh Performance HTML5, June 29, SF, slides, video
OpenTable Tech TalkHigh Performance Mobile, Aug 24, SF, slides
gLearn ClassOptimizing Frontend Performance, Aug 24, SF, slides
Velocity EuropeOct 2-4, London
HTML5 Dev ConfCache is King, Oct 15-16, SF, slides, video
PayPal TechXplorationYour script just killed my site, Nov 15, San Jose, slides, video
Google Ventures WorkshopHigh Performance Web Sites, Nov 30, Mountain View, slides, video


TwitterEven Faster Web Sites, Feb 11, SF, slides
WebstockWeb Performance Optimization, Feb 14-18, NZ, slides, video
Facebook tech talkHigh Performance Mobile, March 5, Palo Alto, slides
Velocity OLCMarch 17, online
Bayjax Y! SummitHigh Performance Mobile, March 29, Sunnyvale, slides
Web 2.0 ExpoHigh Performance Mobile, March 30, SF, slides
jQuery ConferenceHigh Performance Mobile, April 16, SF, slides, video
LinkedIn tech talkHigh Performance Mobile, April 27, Mountain View, slides
jsDay 2011Even Faster Web Sites, May 11, Verona, slides, video
MobilismHigh Performance Mobile, May 12-13, Amsterdam, slides, video
VelocityJune 14-16, Santa Clara
Top 5 Mobile KPIs WebcastJune 22 10am PT, online
Velocity Wrap-up WebcastJune 24 10am PT, online
SF HTML5 User GroupHigh Performance HTML5, July 28, SF, slides,
SF/SV Web Perf GroupHigh Performance Mobile, Aug 30, Mountain View, slides, , video
Seattle GTUGHigh Performance Mobile, Sep 6, Seattle, slides
Zillow tech talkHigh Performance Mobile, Sep 7, Seattle, slides, video
Sencha tech talkHigh Performance Mobile, Sep 8, Redwood City, slides
Breaking DevelopmentHigh Performance Mobile, Sep 12-14, Nashville, slides
HTML5 Dev ConfHigh Performance Mobile, Sep 27, SF, slides
Dropbox tech talkHigh Performance Mobile, Sep 29, SF, slides, video
SV Code CampFaster Mobile Anyone?, Oct 8, Los Altos, slides
Velocity EuropeNov 8-9, Berlin
QCon SFHigh Performance Mobile, Nov 14-18, SF, slides
Velocity ChinaDec 6-7, Beijing mobile, html5


JSConf.USBest of Steve, April 18, DC, slides
jQuery ConferenceAds, Widgets, and Analytics Oh My!, April 24, Mtn View, slides
Web 2.0 Expo SFWeb Performance Optimization, May 5, SF, slides
Web Optimization SummitMay 12, online
@mediaEven Faster Web Sites, June 11, London, slides
VelocityJune 22-24, Santa Clara
GTUG CampoutEven Faster Web Sites, Aug 13-15, MTV, slides
Web Directions SouthEven Faster Web Sites, Oct 12-15, Sydney, slides
Velocity ChinaThe WPO Industry, Dec 7-8, wpo, efws, Beijing, slides, video
Faster Websites Online ConferenceEven Faster Web Sites, Dec 16, 9am, online, slides


CBS Tech TalkEven Faster Web Sites, Feb 9, SF, slides
Google Tech TalkLife's Too Short, Write Fast Code, March 9, MTV, slides, video
SXSWEven Faster Web Sites, March 14, Austin, slides
O'Reilly Master ClassCreating High Performance Web Sites, March 30, SF, slides
Web 2.0 ExpoEven Faster Web Sites, April 2, SF, slides
eBay Tech TalkEven Faster Web Sites, April 16, Santa Clara, slides
Microsoft Tech·EdEven Faster Web Sites, May 12, LA, slides Tech TalkEven Faster Web Sites, May 27, Foster City, slides
Google I/OEven Faster Web Sites, May 27, SF, slides, video
WordCampEven Faster Themes, May 30, SF, slides
VelocityEven Faster Web Sites, June 22, SJ, slides, video
OSCONEven Faster Web Sites, July 22, SJ, slides
jQuery ConferenceEven Faster Web Sites, Sept 13, Boston, slides
The Ajax ExperienceSept 14, Browserscope, EFWS, Boston, slides
Google Tech TalkSpriteMe, Sept 14, MTV, slides, video
SpeedGeeks LAIn Search of Speed, Oct 26, Los Angeles, slides
Amazon Tech TalkFast by Default, Oct 30, Seattle, slides
ØredevFast by Default, Nov 4, Malmö, slides
FronteersFast by Default, Nov 6, Amsterdam, slides
JSConf.euFast by Default, Nov 7, Berlin, slides


WebGuild Web 2.0 Conference & ExpoHigh Performance Web Sites, Jan 29, Santa Clara, slides
SXSW InteractiveHigh Performance Web Sites, March 8, Austin, slides
O'Reilly WebcastHigh Performance Web Sites, April 25, online, slides, video
Web 2.0 ExpoEven Faster Web Sites, April 26, SF, slides
Ajaxian InterviewCuzillion, April 29, MTV, slides, video
Google I/OEven Faster Web Sites, May 29, SF, slides, video
VelocityEven Faster Web Sites, June 24, Burlingame, slides
OSCONEven Faster Web Sites, July 24, Portland, slides
LinkedIn Tech TalkEven Faster Web Sites, Aug 5, MTV, slides
WordCamp 2008Even Faster Web Sites (inside, Aug 16, San Francisco, slides
TwitterEven Faster Web Sites, Aug 21, SF, slides
The Ajax ExperienceEven Faster Web Sites, Oct 1, Boston, slides
Myspace Tech TalkLife's too short, write fast code, Oct 24, SF, slides
Facebook Tech TalkLife's too short, write fast code, Oct 30, Palo Alto, slides
Widget SummitHigh Performance Widgets, Nov 4, , San Francisco, slides


Web 2.0 ExpoHigh Performance Web Sites, April 15, San Francisco, slides
IEEE Oregon SectionExceptional Performance Evolution, July 24, Portland, slides
OSCONHigh Performance Web Sites, July 25, Portland, slides
The Ajax ExperienceHigh Performance Web Sites, July 27, San Francisco, slides
YDN Theater14 Rules for Faster Pages, Aug 28, Sunnyvale, video
Rich Web ExperienceHigh Performance Web Sites, Sept 8, San Jose, slides
Ajaxian InterviewYSlow, Oct 4, London, video
Future of Web AppsHigh Performance Web Sites, Oct 5, London, slides
Widget SummitHigh Performance Widgets, Oct 16, San Francisco, slides
Google Tech TalkHigh Performance Web Sites & YSlow, Nov 13, MTV, slides, video